Babe Ruth…. “A Lowell kinda guy!”


I was asked by someone who had seen the article if I knew if The Babe had ever stopped in Lowell on his way to a hunting trip in Maine.  It seemed entirely likely from what I could figure, being a reasonable route to take and Ruth being a hunter, but I wasn’t sure.

“On November 25, 1933, a Sunday morning, a large and powerful automobile pulled up in front of the Waldorf Restaurant at 245 Central street in downtown Lowell.  Many citizens were in church, and the street was nearly deserted.  There were only a handfull of diners inside the restaurant, and at first they paid scant attention to the big, moon-faced man who climbed out of the car and approached the entrance.  A day later, The Lowell Sun recounted what happened next.”

So, what’s at 245 Central Street today?  Cappy’s Copper Kettle.  I wonder if they’re aware of this connection!

Well you don’t say…Babe Ruth was a Cappy’s Copper Kettle guy.  I would’ve bet a week’s wage that he was more of a Molly Kay’s type, what with the multi video porno memory games, the hot shit ring toss, and the Hanoi Jane urinal target.  Then again, Babe was a flashy guy, and Cappy’s has those types in spades, especially when JC and his Golden Oldies ramp up on Saturday night.  When JC starts spinning those records, the Ruthian types come out of the woodwork, strutting their stuff on the dance floor like a bunch of peacocks.   It’s a madhouse!


~ by Tobes on March 15, 2010.

One Response to “Babe Ruth…. “A Lowell kinda guy!””

  1. Sadly, JC has retired. However, I think some of the current customers were there when the Sultan of Swat came through!

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