The Devils are leaving…don’t take it personal.

Lowell Sun

LOWELL — Even as lease negotiations with the Tsongas Center are ongoing, the Lowell Devils are reportedly seeking greener pastures in Albany, N.Y.

Albany is seeking an AHL franchise to replace the River Rats, who were sold in February to a group that is moving the team to Charlotte, N.C. The River Rats are the top farm club of the Carolina Hurricanes.

Albany had been talking with the Portland Pirates about moving to upstate New York, and those talks were thought to be going well. But a report in yesterday’s Albany Times-Union said the Albany-Portland talks had broken down and arena officials were actively involved in talks with another AHL team.

That team was not officially named, but sources told The Sun it is the Lowell Devils, and the Times-Union reported that “several sources” confirmed the Devils are the team in question.

Words, words, negotiations, words, words, words.  The Devils are leaving folks, done and done.   It’s time to get used to the idea that quality, affordable, professional hockey is now going to be a daunting….thirty five minutes away.   It’s hard to imagine how nobody could make a go of it? 

On the positive side, when the likes of Slip Knot/Korn/Jefferson Airplane comes to town, they’ll be able to do two nights instead of one, so that pretty much makes up for it right there….


~ by Tobes on March 18, 2010.

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