Say it aint so “Senator Steve from Lowell.”

Lowell Sun

BOSTON — State Sen. Steven Panagiotakos, the longest-serving state senator in the history of Lowell, will not seek re-election this fall, ending an 18-year political career in the Legislature that saw him become a driving force in state politics and his city’s redevelopment.

Panagiotakos, 50, said he considered retiring from the Legislature several years ago when Senate President Robert Travaglini resigned, but decided instead to stay to take the reins of the state budget.

He came to a final decision in the past week to forgo another campaign, telling his family and a close circle of friends that it was time to simplify his life and look for a new challenge.

Yeah that’s great Steve…just walk away.  See if I care.  Two months from now we could’ve been drinking mimosas and Bloody Mary’s together at Sunday brunch, but I guess your quality of life and family are more important.  UML Tech Center, Hamilton Canal district…Pfft!  That’s not exactly something I would want to be the period at the end of my sentence.  At least not when you’ve got the Kegs and Eggs Bill sitting there on the table. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people’s memories are short, and what you did last is the only thing that’s relevant.  So the choice is yours “Steve Panagiotakos, from Lowell.”  Do you want to be known as the guy who built lofts for a bunch of finger painters, or the guy that reinstated the pre-noon, Sunday buzz? Finish the job Hoss!


~ by Tobes on March 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “Say it aint so “Senator Steve from Lowell.””

  1. Kegs and eggs is muy importante….

  2. The only thing that could possibly make this posting any better is . . . a Bruce Willis commercial.

  3. with a bottle of Seagrams..I was thinking the SAME exact thing!

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