Let’s kick this thing off right Eileen…

Lowell Sun

Former Mayor and City Councilor Eileen Donoghue told The Sun she will run this fall, jumping back into elected politics two years after she ran in a tightly contested Democratic primary for Congress in 2007 against Niki Tsongas.

Meanwhile, Lowell state Reps. Tom Golden and Kevin Murphy said they will not run, deciding to continue with their bids for re-election to the House instead.

Donoghue was hesitant to comment on her plans yesterday, despite making a final decision to run, saying she did not want to take the spotlight away from Panagiotakos, who was hosting an event for supporters last night at the Owl Diner.

“He really has done an amazing job as an elected official,” Donoghue said. “I have the most respect for him, the way he served, the way he remained above the fray and never got down in the mud with issues and people. It’s going to be a tough spot to fill. There’s a real void.”

Yeah that’s great Eileen, we’re all happy for you.  Now forget all the BS about jobs, budgets, and economy.  I think just about everyone including my dog understands that this whole mess is cyclical, and where not under any illusion that your arrival on Beacon Hill is going to make a difference.  So let’s just worry about the important stuff…like where do you stand on the Kegs and Eggs bill?


~ by Tobes on March 26, 2010.

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