Boston, it is time to (Tea) Par-tay!!


Hundreds of people are gathering today on Boston Common in anticipation of a Tea Party movement rally headlined by former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Organizers expect several thousand people at the rally, slated for 10 a.m., in the city where the original Tea Party was held. Patriotic music is playing through the loudspeaker system.

Woo-hoo!!  Can you feel the excitement in the air?  Famed revolutionary leader Sarah Palin is gracing our fair capital city with her sultry hair and angry spectacles.    She gave a speech in Boston today that no doubt used the words “spending” “liberals” and “elite”.  Though I didn’t hear her speech, I can only assume that it didn’t involve a topic that I would rather hear her address….the trials and tribulations of being a hot grandmother.  Ow!

I regret that I couldn’t witness the congregation of angry white people dancing to patriotic music, bowing down to images of John Wayne and pissing on photos of Obama.   It is nice to see that our Boston was home to such a large gathering of angry independents being riled up and corralled together by a moronic member of the GOP.  And to think, I was stuck in my office all day working like a moron.

~ by Scott on April 14, 2010.

7 Responses to “Boston, it is time to (Tea) Par-tay!!”

  1. I caught a chunk of the shenanigans on my AM coffee run. The list of things that I skip work for is quite long. Somthing tells me the folks that attended this don’t have quite as long of list.

  2. I would think even Mark gets bummed out by this shit.

  3. Scott, do you think this was in any way like hemp fest?

  4. Pete- Not at all. I love when people come together in a lawful assembly no matter if I agree with it or not. Remember from 2000-2008 Dissent was cool and Patriotic. What’s changed?

  5. and by agree with it I meant the subject or banner under which the rally or protest is being had for.

  6. Protesting during a work day? Sounds like a bunch of hippies to me

  7. There’s a ‘where’s waldo’ joke in that picture….

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