Which Lowell bridge would YOU jump off of?

Lowell Sun

LOWELL — It was almost 10 p.m. last night when a passerby noticed a man ready to jump from the O’Donnell Bridge on School Street.

Karen Gorman, who was visiting the area from Pennsylvania, was trying to coax the man down when a police car drove by.

Officers Luis Rios and Brent Purcell stepped out of the cruiser to find a 28-year-old male with a razor blade in hand, said Police Captain Randall Humphrey.

“He attempted to cut himself in front of police,” Humphrey said.

It took six officers to subdue the man, who was then transported to Lowell General Hospital for evaluation.

Yikes, out of all the bridges in Lowell, why the O’Donnell Bridge?  That would probably be my last choice of bridges to off myself.  I mean, the Rourke Bridge would be eliminated right off the bat because you’d kill yourself before you could actually get to a location to kill yourself.  The bridge Hunts Falls Bridge over by Saints Memorial has the nice view of the Candy Canes and downtown Lowell, but that’s going to be under construction for the next year or so.  Do the Spaghettiville Bridge’s count?  They’re definitely historical, but you’d probably have to go head first due to the lack of height, and I’m looking to do a perfect pencil dive. The Aiken Street Bridge is quite lovely in the fall, with views of Top Donut and the “House that Shea Hillenbrand built.”  But again, I think you’re looking at a head first job here, because the water is quite shallow.  I just don’t know….??

Gun to my head (Ha!), I’d kill myself on the Hunts Falls bridge…but I’d have to keep it together until they finish sprucing it up.  Killing yourself in a construction zone is just plain tacky.


~ by Tobes on July 22, 2010.

9 Responses to “Which Lowell bridge would YOU jump off of?”

  1. Is there a separate category for tall buildings? I’m thinking from right under the SUN sign to the pavement in front of Edible Arrangements…

  2. “The Bridge Over Troubled Waters”

  3. I think for this exercise, we’ll just focus on bridges. Maybe “Tall Buildings” tomorrow…and I can tell you right now, the city hall bell tower is tops on my list.

  4. The Bell Tower is an extremely attractive idea, but I’d be afraid Rita would be there on an errand, talking to the people of Lowell who were coming in to pay their unpaid parking tickets, and might catch me before I hit the concrete and the whole thing would be ruined…

  5. If we have to stick to water-spanning facilities, put me down for the railroad bridge over the Pawtucket Canal–and from the very top of the supports overhead–featuring a nice swan with a stab with a discarded hypodermic needle for the finish.

  6. If I wanted to go out with a bang swan dive off the O’Donnell during morning rush hour during the school year….

    If I didn’t want to cause a stir School St. bridge into the canal again swan dive

  7. Swan dives are for untalented losers. If it’s your last dive, you better pull out something better than a swan dive. How you finish is irrelevant. Go big, or go home.

  8. Ned:

    If we had an ESPY-type award show in Lowell for blog entries, this one would definitely be a major winner.

    My preference, Bridge Street bridge. I know all the bridges in Lowell have proper names but I prefer the street names. Why Bridge Street? It is where the Concord meets the Merrimack.

    And as far as tall buildings are concerned, I am with you, the City Hall tower.

  9. For me it would have to be the “John Cox” (Bridge St) Bridge…ya, right downtown… of course any bridge with a “river-walk” will work if you aim for the river-walk. Fox Hall would be my building of choice. Speaking of jumping from high places, Didn’t someone jump from the old gas tank on school st in the late 60’s early 70’s???

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