Time to sneak the USS HammerTime down to the Ocean State.


Senator John F. Kerry announced yesterday that he will voluntarily pay $500,000 to Massachusetts tax collectors on his luxury yacht, a pledge made hours after state officials had begun inquiring into whether he had attempted to evade the payment by docking the boat in Rhode Island.

The state Department of Revenue had just started looking into Kerry’s use of the $7 million sloop and into reports that it had been spotted repeatedly in Massachusetts since it was registered in March. Officials could have subpoenaed the ship’s log to see where the yacht had been, according to a Department of Revenue official who declined to be identified by name because tax cases by law are confidential.

Awwhh crap.  John Kerry, a US Senator, is forking over 500K for a Yacht that isn’t even docked in Massachusetts?  I can’t imagine what the Department of Revenue is going to do when they learn that a certain local blogging sensation has the USS HammerTime, an M3 inflatable 2-man which famously hauled 270 beers down the Saco River, sitting in HIS OWN BACK YARD.  I… I mean my friend, needs to get that thing down to Newport before Johnny Law comes-a-knock’n.  500K may take a little time to scratch together in this economy, even for a Belvideresman.

PS- The USS Hammertime and its crew are available for private parties, cruises, and limited deep sea fishing excursions.  Send an inquiry to mrmillcity@gmail.com for information.


~ by Tobes on July 28, 2010.

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