It’s been real. But it’s time to go.

Above is my parting gift to all of you who enjoy coming here for the tomfoolery we’ve been providing for three years now.  When I started writing here I was just a frustrated citizen of Lowell just like most of you.  But I started looking around and decided that some changes needed to be made in my personal and professional life.  Just ranting here wasn’t cutting it anymore.  So rather then talk I’ve decided to do.  I’ve conditionally accepted a job in the land of milk and honey to our north.  I can’t say what or where but I would advise all of you to be on your best behavior in the Live Free or Die state and I’ll leave it at that.  With that said I can’t continue to take shots and poke fun like I have in the past.  But I leave you in the capable hands of Ned and whenever that Commie Scotty gets back as well as Steve. 

I want to thank Ned here for allowing me to convince him to unretire MMC and fire it back up.  It’s been a blast.   But as much fun as it’s been I never really wanted to take on city hall or any of it.  I felt I had to.  I’d much rather live a quiet life anonymously.  Which is what I’m going to be doing with the time I have left in Lowell before we make the move North.  But at the same time I’m glad I got hooked up with Ned and this freakin’ circus.  If nothing else I can tell people that I slapped Chris King around for about 48 hours.  Which was by far and away the best thing I ever did here at MMC.  I’ll still be reading though as this is still the best blog in Lowell by far.  We’ve never taken ourselves too seriously and our content is always at least funny on some level.  It’s my hope that I’ve helped to entertain and maybe even inform you all about whatever was going on in the City and on the ‘net.

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All my best,



~ by Mark on July 30, 2010.

5 Responses to “It’s been real. But it’s time to go.”

  1. Strength and Honor General!

  2. Seriously, darkest day ever. EVER!

    Oh and I love that I am outed as a commie on MArk’s last post. That kicks all sorts of ass. Though I always thought of myself more of a community organizer than anything.

    I was planning on finally returning to the site once I wrap up grad school in the first half of Sept. I wouldn’t have bothered going back to school if Ned didn’t require a post-grad degree in order to write for this site. The joke is on him though, because he never said what the degree had to be in. So I am almost done with my masters in Interpretive Dance.

    But anyway, today has been a fitting tribute to my hero….the Mahk. Again….like I said….this is a dark day. Later kooks!

  3. Good luck!

  4. I’ve always enjoyed your posts despite being a looney elitist liberal. Best wishes!

  5. LOL, You know the next time Mark and Scott cross paths again it will be for a marked lane violation and a strong but distinct odor coming from Scott’s car.

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