Judge bids Farewell to Matt Grimard and his solid tuck-in.

Lowell Sun

AYER — Days before he is scheduled to head to West Virginia to start college, a one-time Dracut High School football star was sentenced to 14 months probation for a Dunstable housebreak last April.

In Ayer District Court on Wednesday, Matthew Grimard, 19, of 34 Newhall St.,

Wait, what? Newhall St? Lowell?  F’n A, Why do all our suburban criminals and malcontents take up residency in The Well the minute a judge sprinkles a little probation on them.  It’s a lot like the way our country’s musicians and actors flock to LA and New York.  The difference of course being that LA and New York can eventually lead to being discovered…while moving to Lowell generally leads to more probation.

BTW, the non-blogger in me wants to think that young Matty really is a decent guy, and that heading down to West Virginia will, as his Lawyer says, “close this chapter of his life.” The blogger in me is also in favor of the move because domestic abuse and B&E in West Virginia is what makes the state so charming.  So it could potentially be a win-win for all parties.


~ by Tobes on August 5, 2010.

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