Robin Sage Need Not Apply

Lowell Sun

Thomas Ryan was curious if people in the information security, intelligence and military fields could be duped by a cute, 25-year-old cyber geek with a degree from MIT.

Ryan created “Robin Sage” profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. He provided a picture of an attractive, exotic-looking young woman to complete the personality of his fake cyber-threat analyst.

The name alone, Robin Sage, should have been a dead giveaway. Robin Sage is the name of a large-scale, four-week military special-forces training exercise.

Ryan used the profile to establish connections and social-network friends. The fake profile should have raised red flags, but some security “experts” failed the test badly. For example, how does a 25-year-old have 10 years of professional experience? During correspondences, key security information was disclosed.

A few military hound dogs, probably looking to impress Robin, actually included pictures and information about helicopter mission take-off times in their correspondences. It’s a good thing Robin Sage was not a terrorist collecting information.

Ha, Robin Sage actually reached out to me in hopes of filling Mark’s spot on the roster.  I didn’t fall for her little rouge though.  Unlike these so-called Military hounds, I’ve seen a million Robin Sage’s in my time.  Hell, come by headquarters around lunchtime and you’ll find cyber hotties everywhere throwing their panties through our windows like a Poison concert.  Tom Ryan’s going to need to get lil more creative if he wants to fool ole Ned.


~ by Tobes on August 5, 2010.

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