Just Lawrence being Lawrence

Lowell Sun

ANDOVER –Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua on Tuesday blamed the firefighter union for creating a public-safety crisis that has cost surrounding communities more than $24,000 in personnel costs for mutual aid calls since July 7.

“It is an issue of money,” Lantigua said. “The main reason why the Lawrence Fire Department has been hit so hard is that it is the one that makes the most money in the state of Massachusetts.”

He added that if the firefighters gave up their 3.5 percent raise, he would be able to rehire four or five of the 23 firefighters who were laid off last month.

It stories like these that have me wishing “the Mark” was still hanging around.  He’d probably have something wise to say.  He probably knows ten different ways this Lantigua cat is bad for business.  Meanwhile, the only thing I can think of is inappropriate Latino jokes and references to Beas Roast Beef.


~ by Tobes on August 18, 2010.

One Response to “Just Lawrence being Lawrence”

  1. Let’em burn. And then maybe you can buy them out – cheap. Didn’t the Papa John guy decide he wan’t going to develope there after all? – AFTER Lantigua got elected.

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