Later Thirsty’s

Lowell Sun

TYNGSBORO — Less than a year since Tram Dang bought a quiet neighborhood bar and transformed it into a restaurant-pub and live-music night spot that drew neighbors’ complaints, Thirsty’s owner appears to be tapping out.

Tram Dang’s got nobody to blame here but herself.  I mean how many times can I say, shout, declare that the only business model that works in Tyngsboro are “tits and batting cages.”  I figure at this point, most business owners in Tyngsboro are printing out my blogs and hanging them above the urinals for good measure.  But nooooooo, not Tran Dang.  Not Thirsty’s Pub.  They’re different.  The rules don’t apply to them.  Well have fun hanging your “Sorry We’re Closed” sign.  

PS- if I wasn’t making soooo much money in this blogging gig, I’d buy Thirsty’s in run it the right way. Ned’s Pub, “Boobs, Bats, and Buds.”


~ by Tobes on August 18, 2010.

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