What’s for Sale on Craigslist Today in Lowell?

Want to know what your neighbors are selling today?  Check it out.

Aug 18 – 9.5′ Old Town Otter Kayak  (Lowell)

Did Andy Jacobson finally figure out that Lowell sucks for kayaking?  I suppose you could make your money back harvesting basketballs and shopping carts from the canals.

Aug 18 – Chrome Rims 22 inches – $1000 (Lowell)

The funny thing is, these rims will cost you a $1000 bucks, but if you buy them with that 1997 White Grand Cherokee, it will only cost you $1000 bucks.

Aug 18 – 1999 26′ k-z trailer – $6500 (lowell) recreational vehicles pic

$6,500 for a 99 k-z trailer is a steal, but you’d have to somehow get past the damage the DEA agents left behind after their drug seizure.

Aug 18 – nice GSHOCK – $40 (lowell) clothing & accessories img

Nothing says high fashion more than a G-Shock.  You put one of those things on and you’ll have to hire a body guard to protect you from the poon tidal wave that will be bearing down on you.

Aug 18 – 1993 Civic 4 Door BOOSTED – $1 (Lowell) cars & trucks by owner

At least they’re courteous enough to let you know it’s stolen ahead of time rather than getting the bad news after an hour and twenty minutes of waiting time at the registry.


~ by Tobes on August 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “What’s for Sale on Craigslist Today in Lowell?”

  1. I was able to talk the guy down to 850 for the rims, but he told me I’m going to have to take them off the car at night when nobody is looking…

  2. Awesome Pete.

  3. […] I do one blog about Craigslist and next thing you know it, Coakley is shutting the place down.  On the bright side, I suppose this […]

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