Sounds like Honolulu needs a little Bindependence.

Boston Herald

HONOLULU — Gigantic piles of shrink-wrapped garbage have been moldering in the heat of a Hawaii industrial park for more than five months, waiting for a place to be shipped.

That wait appeared to end Monday when city officials inked a deal to dispose of the 40 million-pound pile of odious rubbish over the next six months by mostly burning it in an existing waste-to-power plant.

But bigger problems remain for Honolulu as the state’s largest city struggles to find a home for all its waste.

With its lone dump filling up fast, officials had been counting on a plan to ship at least 100,000 tons of blue, plastic-wrapped garbage bales each year to a landfill near an Indian reservation in Washington state.

Hard to believe an island surrounded by roughly a bazillion square miles of ocean is having trouble finding places to dump their trash.  If only they had canals like we have here in Lowell.


~ by Tobes on August 24, 2010.

One Response to “Sounds like Honolulu needs a little Bindependence.”

  1. Oh we have a canal, but it is reserved for dumping of toxic waste only. It is called the Ala Wai Sewage Canal; runs right along Waikiki and into the ocean near Hilton Hawaiian Village.

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