Not even Tiki can save the Tiki Bar

Lowell Sun

WESTFORD — Selectmen aired frustration and displeasure with the owners of a popular outdoor bar last night at the third public hearing to review conditions of the hot spot’s liquor license.

Residents who live in the neighborhood of the Sunset Tiki Bar on the grounds of the Nashoba Valley Ski Area told the board noise from live entertainment and exiting patrons continues to be a nuisance.

“I find myself tremendously frustrated. We couldn’t make it any clearer that we don’t want to get another complaint about the noise,” Selectman Kelly Ross said.

If the weather isn’t telling you the summer is almost over, stories of Westford Selectmen launching nukes at a tiki bar will.

Nobody ever hates a Tiki Bar in May or June.  Even the douchiest of the douchy are down with the Tiki.
But once the summer wears on, the pussies that can’t hang turn they’re back on the Tiki.  They start bumming on the Tiki, and talk shit about folks who still Tiki.  Eventually the Tiki displeasure grows to Tiki hatred and we all find ourselves in a special Tiki board meeting in front of people who, from the sounds of things, have had themselves waaaaayy too much Tiki.  I’ve seen it a thousand times. 

PS.  These noise complaints are pretty funny considering these neighbors are the same folk who endure 5 months of ADHD kamikazes being dropped by the busload at their front door.


~ by Tobes on August 25, 2010.

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