Can we get BioBehavioral Diagnostics Co a Fields Medal already.

Lowell Sun

A tool newly approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the Quotient ADHD test, developed by BioBehavioral Diagnostics Co. of Westford, is giving doctors what they have been searching for — an objective way to diagnose the disorder and determine its severity in each patient.

“The major issue with diagnosis has been getting any objective information,” said Dr. Mark Francis, a Groton pediatrician. “We would have parents and teachers fill out questionnaires about the child’s behavior and the answers would vary wildly depending from mother to father and from parent to teacher. It was very, very subjective.”

I have to say, I wish they had technology like this when I was kid.  I have an awesome fantasy football team.  Possibly the best team in the league….ever!  Saturday I might go to Canobie Lake Park with my friends, it’s going to be awesome. Where going to go on the Pirate Ship like 16 times.  My dog’s name is Professor Bunsen Honeydew.


~ by Tobes on August 31, 2010.

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