Reader Email: Birds at Home Depot





Saw this guy at Home Depot clogging the return line trying to return two boxes of plumbing supplies from 6 different hardware stores.  When I approached him to punch him in the face, I noticed he had a bird on his shoulder and then thought twice about punching him.  Do you think that’s part of his scam or is the guy just off his rocker?

Eddie K.

First of all chief, you may want to consider hatching a plumbing supply scam yourself and getting yourself a new phone that takes semi viewable photos.  I mean seriously, was that one of those Kodak Instamatics?  Its 2010, clean up your game.  Second, this guy is obviously off his rocker because it’s one thing to walk around with a bird on your shoulder, it’s another to wear it and its droppings as an accessory.  That’s just gross. 

Thanks for the email, and glad I could help answer your question. 

PS.  If the bird on the shoulder look is some sort of new trend that I haven’t quite caught on to yet, then I would totally rock a Falcon or a Hawk…perhaps even a Barn Owl.  Nothing announces your presence like a Barn Owl on the shoulder.


~ by Tobes on August 31, 2010.

5 Responses to “Reader Email: Birds at Home Depot”

  1. I would’ve punched the guy with the sleeveless tank in the face…but that’s just me.

  2. You know the guy in the sleeveless tank was buying something like potting soil too.

  3. Looks like a quaker parrot or a love bird to me. Kinda cute. Must be well trained.

  4. Well trained, the thing is shitting all over the guys shoulder. NOT IMPRESSED!

  5. Pooping goes with owning a bird. 15 years with a talking cockatiel taught me to always wear something washable or have a hand towl on my shoulder. I would never have taken him out in public though.

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