Shocking News of the Day: Teen Carwashes attract Perverts

Lowell Sun

PELHAM — A 58-year-old Pelham man was arrested after he admitted to ogling a 13-year-old girl and a 15-year-old girl as they took part in a car-wash fundraiser in the town center yesterday afternoon, police said.

Sgt. Michael Pickles said a youngster on a bike first noticed Richard Mello, 58, of Pelham, parked under a tree at the Congregational Church on Main Street, about 50 yards from where the girls, in shorts and T-shirts, were washing cars.

The youngster notified an off-duty police officer in the area that he thought the man was watching the girls, and that officer notified on-duty colleagues.

Whatever happened to the ole fund raising campaigns where you just head to family functions sack your relatives with shitty magazines, fake raffle tickets, and four year-old crackle candy bars?   Look, if you decide that the best way to raise funds is to recreate Skinamax scenes with teenage girls washing cars, more power to you.  But you can’t act all outraged when the peds come-a ‘knocking.  That’s like throwing chum in the water at the swimming hole and then getting pissed when a bunch of hungry sharks start eating swimmers.

This is why when my daughter comes home someday with all kinds of good intentioned fundraising ideas, I’m just handing her a check and locking the doors.  It’s like a pedophile mine field out there these days.  And the best part is, had Dick Mello actually gone and paid for the “full service” car wash, he could’ve got the “up close and personal” performance, we wouldn’t be reading this story in the Sun.


~ by Tobes on August 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “Shocking News of the Day: Teen Carwashes attract Perverts”

  1. Bullshit arrest. Dick’s got a defamation law suit coming his way.

  2. The whole idea behind a carwash is to attract all the guys in mini-vans that can’t sneak a peek elsewhere without their wives catching them. They don’t care what charity they are supporting.

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