Think we could maybe refocus our traffic enforcement?

Lowell Sun

LOWELL — A 19-year-old Lowell man died at the scene of an early-morning car accident on a dangerous stretch of Pawtucket Boulevard that also sent a young woman to the hospital with serious injuries.

Capt. William Taylor said police were called to the inbound lanes of Pawtucket Boulevard near Sampas Pavilion about 6 a.m., and found a car that had struck a telephone pole.

The 19-year-old Lowell man who was driving the car was pronounced dead at the scene, and an unidentified young woman who was a passenger suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

The woman was taken to Lowell General Hospital, but her condition was not available last night.  Tony Mennella has lived across the boulevard, next to Heritage Ice Cream, for 18 years, and said this was the 13th accident and third fatal crash in that time.

“Something has got to be done,” he said. “It’s a sad thing.”

Just wanted to note that while Lowell Police are giving out pre-written tickets to people slow-rolling through stop signs during rush hour at the old Wamesit St rotary, we have yet another horrific accident on the Boulevard.  Then again, I suppose you can’t generate revenue from dead people.


~ by Tobes on September 6, 2010.

One Response to “Think we could maybe refocus our traffic enforcement?”

  1. Maybe they should put rubber bumpers around that particular pole? And, may I respecttfully suggest some sort of sign acrosss the Boulevard that shows the car coming and the speed said car is going. Of course some moon bat would claim that is too much Big Brother. And I do know 2 people that got ticketed there last week and a the week before so they are out there – but apparently not when the idiots are there.

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