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Ned considers himself a one man band that can’t play any instruments.  Not quite a Lowell Lifer, he has returned to his roots to free the world from people who microwave popcorn at work.  Should he come up short in his endeavor, he hopes this little project at the very least, brings some level of local awareness to those who otherwise stay out of its way.   

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In addition to being a staff writer here at, Mark can be heard on WCAP 980 on Mondays from 7:10 AM to 8 AM as a part of a rotating cast of local bloggers and pundits.  He also is waging a one man jihad against those that refuse to use or do not possess any level of common sense.  He also likes long walks on the beach, spending time with his wife and two dogs, and playing World of Warcraft.  (Not exactly in that order…).

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The Scouting Department caught wind of Scott’s dominance on the Lowell Sun’s message board and felt that we would be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn’t make him our first round pick.  Fun Fact: To stay true to his environment, Scott pen’s all of his material live from the Brunswick Zone, shoes and all.

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After an entire year of negotiations, Dan has finally accepted our contract offer.  Sure, the experts are saying we vastly overpaid for his services seeing he barely got any playing time at a lesser blog like, but those so called experts are the same guys that thought Matt Cassel was actually good.  The kid is a die hard Lowell Red Raider, and at, we can get down with that.

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Steve was acquired this January in a blockbuster deal that sent an aging Lowelliqua packing, along with two first round picks, and a player to be named later.  Not quite staring at Social Security payouts just yet, Steve gives us that veteran savvy that every good squad needs come crunch time.

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