Might be time to upgrade our Perv tracking technology.

Lowell Sun

LOWELL — A Lowell Superior Court judge yesterday ruled that a registered sex-offender did not violate his probation when he removed his GPS monitoring device in the bathroom of the Pollard Memorial Library on Tuesday.

Rudolph Allard, 35, who lives at the Lowell Transitional Living Center on Middlesex Street, was released immediately after a hearing.

Police said a maintenance man found the GPS device beeping loudly in a stall of the bathroom in the children’s section of the library. Such bracelets have built-in alarms that sound if they are removed.

A source told The Sun that while in the bathroom, Allard removed the GPS device that he wears around his waist, set it down and forgot to pick it up again. Allard told police he goes to the library every day to use the public computers.

Waste bands, ankle bracelets…what is this, 1985?  How much junk do you actually need to track these guys. I’ve got a Level 3, rabbit craving Beagle living in my household, and his GPS is so hotshit, you’d never know he even had it on.  More importantly, he doesn’t have to take anything off to drop heat in the backyard.  The thing is genious.  Gives me peace of mind, and helps keep the local rabbit population growing at an alarming rate.   Seems to me that if we can figure out how to keep our eyes on Beagles, even the most notorious ones, we should be able to duplicate the process for pederasts that frequent the library’s children section.  But what do I know.


~ by Tobes on July 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “Might be time to upgrade our Perv tracking technology.”

  1. wow. just wow. he “set it down and forgot to pick it up again.”
    i’ll contribute my invisible fence dog collars to the cause, and turn up the zap.
    and this guy walked?!? WTH??

  2. this is one of the most disturbing things i’ve heard in a while.

  3. Matbe we should just get the state to send this guy to your veterinarian for a permanent implant of osme kind. . Sounds like he’s got a better plan than the state does. As for the judge – time to start electing them.

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